IT Consulting

The one certainty in our industry is that technology will continue to evolve and develop,
changing what we market, as well as how we market it.  iTeam, Inc’s  aim is to be aware
of the implications of new technology, and utilize  it where possible, for the best solutions.

iTeam, Inc. will help you build and establish a vision (looking at least five years out).
We will help you in building and communicating the vision to everyone in the organization
consistently and frequently; which in turn will help guide managers and staff in making
effective decisions on a day-to-day basis. We help to shape and drive major investment
programs to create or revitalize technology-enabled business capability.  Ultimately,
we help to create powerful, effective, IT-enabled organizations. Our areas of expertise
have been designed to help solve strategic technology issues that concern the CEO and
senior business unit executives.

Determine your goals and let us help you:

Plan IT – Our Professional Services team baselines the current state of the client’s IT infrastructure and identifies the client’s goals for IT projects.  We will document the plan, manage the timeline, budget and resources to achieve success.

Do IT – Our technology team of Architects, Engineers and Developers will design roadmaps based on the client’s goals, and collaborative strategies to assure their new domain is in alignment with the new operations and/or business models.

Done – We’ve completed the project, knowledge transfers, support is in place and the client’s organization has the ability to quickly adapt to post project operations.

iTeam, Inc. can help you build and establish an IT strategy.  iTeam, Inc has the expertise, experience and innovative thinking to create technology and  information solutions for even the most complex business challenges. Through collaboration with our clients, we develop customized architectural strategies to ensure that technical systems are scalable, reliable, secure, and supportable, to successfully achieve business requirements and budgetary objectives.

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